Products / June 11, 2022/

Automated Cloud-based ISP Billing Software in Kenya

Looking for an automated cloud based ISP billing software in Kenya?

Cute Profit is an accounting software that has been specifically been customised to handle billing for ISP companies in Kenya. Whether you are just starting out or you run an established ISP (Internet Service Provider) company in Kenya, Cute Profit is best software for you.

Cute Profit is very affordable, supports wireless hot spot, PPPOE and static IP. Cute Profit has the following features:

1.       Automated Invoicing

After you do your data entry and ensure that the client activation and expiry dates have been accurately set, it is time to sit back and let Cute Profit do the rest. Invoices will automatically be generated two days before expiry and SMS reminders sent to clients. On the day of expiry, if a client hasn’t paid, the system will send a service disconnection SMS and automatically disconnect the client.

2.       M-PESA Payment Integration

 Clients will renew their subscription using your Paybill and their account number. Reconnection       will be automated as well.

3.       Bulk SMS

Cute Profit allows you to send a bulk SMS to a section or all your clients whenever you have service interruptions, offers or seasons greetings.


4.       Book Keeping

Apart from just billing, Cute Profit’s backbone is accounting. It allows you to record expenses, track your supplier statements, track your stock inventory and generate final accounting reports such as the income statement.


5.       Support and Ticketing

We understand how ISPs run and that is why we thought it wise to include a support feature. This feature allows you to schedule installations, receive, track and resolve client complaints.

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