Products / October 20, 2021/

Online Accounting Software In Kenya

Cute Profit is an online accounting software in Kenya. Our online accounting software is easy to use and runs on the cloud. Start using our online accounting software in Kenya now!

Cute Profit helps you track your Income & Expenses per project, Inventory, Sales, Payments, Supplier and Customer balances on the go. It is accessible from both android and browser.

Every business is unique and needs a customized book-keeping solution. Whether it is M-pesa payment integration or bulk SMS invoicing/receipting, Cute Profit has it all.

Cute Profit is an easy to use online accounting software in Kenya that is jargon free and accessible from anywhere allows you to prepare your VAT returns in time, handles your debt collection and helps you manage your expenses allowing you to maintain a good cashflow. It integrates with M-Pesa and automatically sends invoices & receipts to customers when they pay through M-Pesa. As much as the solution as it is cuts across vast industries, it is not cast on stone, Cute Profit team continuously work with their clients to customize it so as to better suit business needs. Their customer service is excellent and every client is assigned a customer experience executive to handle their account. On top of that, Cute Profit has a customer support call center that operates 24Hrs. Click here to signup today or call +254711082715 for inquiries.