Products / March 15, 2022/

The Best Accounting Software in Kenya for Small Businesses 2022

There is no doubt that Cute Profit is the best accounting software in Kenya for small business right now.

In 2015, Mine Softwares a top software development company in Kenya launched Cute Profit. Over the years Cute Profit has helped business owners in Kenya, accountants and auditors track their company sales, inventory, supplier statements, customer statements and business financial position on the go from anywhere.

What makes Cute Profit the best accounting software in Kenya is the fact that it enables businesses put up controls in place which help reduce on stock theft and business process loopholes that encourage financial leakage.

Cute Profit’s biggest unique value proposition is the flexibility Mine Softwares provides when it comes to software customization. Mine Softwares understands the fact that every business is unique and that there is no off the shelf software that can help solve every challenge a business is facing.