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Track your Income & Expenses per project, Inventory, Sales, Payments, Supplier & Customer balances on the go.

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Can't find an online accounting software in Kenya that solves your business needs? well, we provide

A Customized Online Accounting Software in Nairobi, Kenya

About Cute Profit

Every business is unique and needs a customized book-keeping solution. Whether it is M-pesa payment integration or bulk SMS invoicing/receipting, Cute Profit has it all. Cute Profit is an all-in-one easy to use business management web application that includes Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Accounting that all together work to increase efficiency in your business.

Our easy to use online cloud accounting software that is jargon free and accessible from anywhere allows you to prepare your VAT returns in time, handles your debt collection and help you manage your expenses allowing you to maintain a good cashflow. It integrates with M-Pesa and automatically sends invoices & receipts to customers when they pay through M-Pesa. As much as our solution cuts across vast industries, it is not cast on stone, we continously work with our clients to customize it so as to better suit their business needs. Our customer service is excellent and every client is assigned a customer experience executive to handle their account. On top of that we have a customer support call center that operates 24Hrs.

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Because you can access it from anywhere, Cute Profit allows you to send quotes and invoices on the go and from any device.


Cute Profit Features Include

Powerful CRM

Cute Profit helps you to track contacts and communication enabling you to view the status of any deal or relationship. The main focus here is to let you seal as many deals as you can.

Project Management

Cute Profit helps teams to track work, and get results. With task reminders, Cute Profit enables teams to move work from start to finish and within the specified time.

Easy Accounting

Cute Profit accounting tool is fast, secure, easy to use and accountant-approved. It's main focus is to give you intelligence of maintaining a high cashflow

Cloud Point Of Sale Software In Nairobi, Kenya

Cute Profit point of sale is the most used online/cloud point of sale in Kenya with over three thousand businesses running on it. If you are looking for a cloud pos in Kenya then look no further. Start tracking your sales, inventory and customer balances today. Cute Profit POS is a suitable point of sale for small businesses and established medium sized business with branches. Our cloud point of sale runs on Android devices and web browser too.
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Some questions

Learn more about Accounting Software in Kenya

What is an accounting software?

An accounting software is a computer software that has been programmed to assist bookkeepers and accountants to record, process and report business transactions.

What are the different types of accounting software?

Before deciding on which accounting software to go with, it is vital to understand the different types of accounting software, and under what circumstances each one should be used. Accounting software range from Spreadsheets, Commercially-Available Software, Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Custom Accounting Software and online accounting software.

What to look at when picking an accounting software?

When selecting an accounting software, you should look at all offerings, including compliance, reporting, tracking and available add-ons such as online accessibility.

Can an online accounting software work for my business in Kenya?

Thriving businesses in Kenya value accounting software that works in the cloud. Also known as online accounting software, owners don't have to worry about upgrades, backups or security. They can check the health of their businesses from anywhere via insightful reports and dashboards.

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